AI generated movie stars?!

I recently watched a film not because I was interested in the story or plot, but because I was fascinated by the technology used to make the film.

Gemini Man (IMDB, Wikipedia) is about an assasin who meets a genetically engineered cloned generated from his own DNA.

To make the film, staff used AI to generate a younger Will Smith face and projected it, digitally, on current-day Will Smith’s body. The AI generated face was created using footage from Will Smith’s earlier career.

That’s right – the younger Will Smith in the video is essentially Deep Fake footage of Smith using footage of his earlier self.


I can’t help but think about what this might mean in the future. Is it possible for Will Smith to continously generate ageless versions of himself, in the future, and own the rights? Is a future Will Smith even required to generate ageless “Will Smith” films? Is Will Smith going to be an ever-present actor in films going forward because we are all curious about how the character story evolves across films and franchises?!

Think about the James Bond franchise. Or Jason Bourne. Or Indiana Jones.

In the future, will we have entirely AI-generated movie personalities that are owned by companies becuase they don’t represent any one actor/actress specifically? As in, will there be idealised AI-generated action stars or romantic leads?

And what about awards? Can an AI-generated lead character win an award for best actor or actress?

It is just so fascinating. What a time to be involved in AI and ML.

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