Having Good Information Available Only Matters if You (Can) Use It

In business it is easy to mistakenly think that having insights means they will be leveraged. I mean, if a team delivers analytical insights, the insights would be used, right?

In reality, insights only matter if (1) they are heard/understood, and (2) they are incorporated into decision making.

Regarding the first challenge – hearing/understanding insights – I’ve seen good work produced by an organisation that isn’t heard. And reasons for not hearing are varied:

  1. The audience is too busy with life-or-death activity to care about insights.
    • Organisations that are high in turn-over, or struggle to balance workloads are at risk of this issue.

  2. No one presents the insights to an appropriate audience.
    • Presenting the results and educating the organisation should be seen as a critical part of any analytical result.

  3. The insights are not clear enough for the audience.
    • This often happens because the presenter isn’t clear on the insights themselves.

  4. The audience doesn’t want to listen to the presenters due to information overload.
    • This can happen when organisations do a poor job of managing meetings, which can result in information overload with front-line employees.

  5. The audience doesn’t want to listen to the presenters due to organisational challenges between teams or departments.

Similarly, there are many reasons why insights are well known, but are not incorporated into decision making. But that’s for another blog post.

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