Social Networks and the Radicalisation of Some – Exhibit B

This example shows how some come to believe the earth is flat due to YouTube video recommendation algorithms.

Last week I came across another great example that highlights how some are getting radicalised on social networks. This time the example is from YouTube and the radicals are flat Earthers.

BBC has the reporting – here’s the video.

Social Networks and the Radicalisation of Some – Exhibit A

This being a technology blog, some might balk at sharing political news. Unfortunately, these days, the analytics / machine learning / social networks have produced platforms that routinely radicalise some members of Western society. And that radicalisation sometimes gets expressed violently, which is inherently political.

Here’s a link to a Talking Points Memo reader email, from El Paso, Texas, who is a little confused (and more than a little sad) about the fact that a white supremacist drove the 9 hours from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to El Paso just to shoot Hispanic folks.

The key bit:

It feels more like terrorism and less like a madman, or a troubled individual. When someone shoots up their own community or high school, it’s personal, it’s in some ways about vengeance and self hatred and lashing out against the environment that made them.
This feels different. This is purely white terrorism.

Anonymous Reader from El Paso, Texas

The shooting suspect reportedly got radicalised through activity on the social network 8chan. 8chan became popular after the rules at 4chan were too restrictive for some.